Blog 014 – Earn Respect From Your Team The Simple Way


Respect is one of those words that mean different things to different people. For some, respect is demanded immediately. For others, respect is earned after a period of time. The reasons for this wide range of views on respect is equally as vast. It could be due to the generation you grew up in, the ethnicity you were brought up in, the life experiences you have had or witnessed, the list goes on and on.

So, how do you earn respect from a team that could be very diverse in their views of who gets what type of respect?

If you had the luxury of building or picking your team, and you understood the type of character traits, skill set, knowledge, experience, and personalities you needed, you have an advantage over the majority of teams. This blog will be looking at a team that is very diverse and make earning respect a simple process. Remember, we here at Managing Made Simple establish simple processes for success…. because we know it isn’t easy to do.

So, back to the question…. how do you earn respect from a team that could be very diverse in their views?

You have to accept this simple fact….

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Blog 011 – The 5 Minutes of Clarity – Your Internal Passions (Creating Clarity for Your Internal Passions)


So much stuff to do!
Seems like I’m just keeping my head above water!

Would be nice to just have a moment to think? A moment to have for myself? A moment to see why I am not going towards the direction I want to be going in life!

But you never give yourself that moment.


What did you do to yourself that was so bad that you don’t want to take care of yourself … your Internal self?

Someone asks you to jump.. you do and by the end of the day you get most things done, or maybe some of it, but yet you don’t feel fulfilled.

You may be praised by others as to how appreciative “they” are of your contributions… at least you made “them” happy.. but you sure don’t feel fulfilled. You may not feel happy.

Ever ask yourself why you work so hard to make others feel good, only to go home and not feel fulfilled yourself?

What did you do to yourself that was so bad that you don’t want to take care of yourself … Your Internal self?

Now, you may look good, and the bare essentials are taken care of… food, clothing, some sleep, well kept appearance, etc… but isn’t it mind blowing you don’t include your Internal self as essentials?  Your Internal Passions?  How do you fix that?Continue reading

Blog 008 – Check Your Expectations and Re-Negotiate


It’s the start of a new work week, and unless you are a Managing Made Simple Black Belt, you are probably not looking forward to the start of Monday morning. 

For those of you who have been following along in our blogs over the last couple months, we have been;

  • building the foundation of why we want to make our managing of things more simple and,
  • walking you through a couple of the fundamental principles that are paramount to successfully making the managing of your expectations more simple.  

We have shown you in Blog 001 that changing the way people do things is usually a result of a “Change in Reality”.  Dave Ramsey, a successful financial mentor to many, says people finally change when “they are sick and tired of being sick and tired”.Continue reading

Blog 007 – Morning Clarity – Let The Momentum Begin

Let The Momentum Begin


The last two blogs talked about Clarity.  We can’t stress “Clarity” enough.  Producing results to meet expectations are only as good as the clarity you have on your expectations.  It’s that simple!  Unfortunately, many of us look to the web to find the complex secret to producing better results.  There is no secret.  None.  Not even a little one.  Feel free to spend many of your evenings to see if one exists.  We don’t think you will do that because if you are reading this blog you already know how valuable your time is.  (read on and download our Morning Clarity Template)Continue reading

Blog 006 – Get Clarity First Thing In The Day – At Work

Wow, there is a lot of value in this post. Get ready to have absolutely amazing work days with this process. Share it with your friends and co-workers.  This is an amazing tool to have your team implement each morning.  Their clarity first thing in the workday is your ticket to better results… Enjoy.


To get anything in life, you need a plan. The plan needs to be something you trust. How do you get to a plan that you trust? You need to start with a simple plan and tweak. In order to minimize the number of times you need to tweak, that first simple plan needs to have some thought in it. So, if you want clarity first thing in the day – at work, you need a plan. So lets start with a simple plan and you can tweak it.Continue reading

Blog 004 – The First Principle of Managing Made Simple

Blog 004 – The First Principle of Managing Made Simple

At the end of the last blog, there was an exercise for you to do. For those tasks where the results were not close to the expectations, the exercise was to ask “why” you chose the steps you did to get the results you were hoping for. Once you answered the “why”, you were to ask “why” the first “why” was the reason you based it on. Once you answered the second “why”, you were asked “why” you answered the second “why” that way.

The goal of the exercise was to dig deep to find out your reasoning, your rationale for why you made the decisions you did in trying define the steps to get to the results you were expecting. These reasons begin to show you what your principles are; what are the principles that make the foundation of your decisions. In some cases, you can drill down to the third “why” easily and defend your step(s). In other cases, you struggle to come up with an answer to even the first “why”. Many get stuck on the second “why”.

Managing anything is always based on fundamental principles. Some principles are well defined, detailed not only in “what” the principle is for and “how” the principle is to be used, but also “why” the principle is so important to you. Other principles are really not defined at all. So when we are asked to defend some of our actions based on these principles, we really don’t have anything to support the “why” of the principle. Continue reading