Blog 009 – OMG! You Mean I Have to Lead A Team!


There are many times where we are in a position, chosen or placed, to get people moving into a certain direction.  Oh, the stress we can feel, the pressure we can feel.  It can get so intense that we begin to sweat, get light headed, actually forget to breathe, and completely get lost in our thoughts.  That’s not being in control, that’s definitely stress.

The funny thing is, it can happen regardless if we are working with 200 people or 2.  When this happens, it really gets in the way of enjoying our life, personal and professional.  It’s very difficult to get ahead when the need to motivate people, to get people to believe in us , and we just can’t do it.

We can get into the science of why this happens, why we get so stressed when we have to speak to people, but we won’t.  The truth is that you could be this way for many reasons.  You can use Google to research the why.  What we are here to tell you today, is that with a couple simple tricks, you can begin to feel more comfortable, and get more in control of the situation.  First, what you need to consider;Continue reading