BLOG 015 – How To Get Better Results and Get Greater Successes Daily

BLOG 015 – How To Get Better Results and Get Greater Successes Daily

Everyday we start our day just like everyone else in the world (all 7.4 billion of them and our ability to have a very good day is based on how we spend the start of our day. For some, getting prepared at the beginning of the day seems very effortless. I have seen some of these people actually get excited to prepare for the day ahead. Not me!

So, what makes these people get excited to prepare for the day ahead?

It comes down to 2 things.

  • They have a Passion for it, or
  • They are motivated to put in the Effort

Then What Is Passion?

In Managing Made Simple, our goal is to make processes simple, because we know they are not easy, and part of making processes simple is devising a process to get clarity on what you and/or your team needs to produce the results your customers are expecting. We can bring up a lot of different words to use in replace of Passion and Effort, but our goal is to make your process simple as opposed to complicating it with 10 or 20 other words to include in this process. So what is passion?  Its…

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Blog 012 – The Secret of Making A Change, Is There A Silver Bullet Solution?

Blog 012 - The Secret of Making A Change

Blog 012 – The Secret of Making A Change


It’s a new year! And with every new year comes new hopes, new dreams, and new desires. It’s the time of the year where we look forward to improving ourselves.

We may have others tell us what they plan on doing in the new year to change themselves, to better themselves, and there are many times we feel caught up in the excitement and begin to make statements as to what we are going to change for the new year.

But like most people, once the new year’s festivities turn into a distant memory the excitement to change also becomes a distant memory.

So, what is the secret to get past the first couple of weeks of the new year and continue making those changes in our lives? Everybody is looking for that silver bullet, that one thing that will make the change very easy.Continue reading

Blog 011 – The 5 Minutes of Clarity – Your Internal Passions (Creating Clarity for Your Internal Passions)


So much stuff to do!
Seems like I’m just keeping my head above water!

Would be nice to just have a moment to think? A moment to have for myself? A moment to see why I am not going towards the direction I want to be going in life!

But you never give yourself that moment.


What did you do to yourself that was so bad that you don’t want to take care of yourself … your Internal self?

Someone asks you to jump.. you do and by the end of the day you get most things done, or maybe some of it, but yet you don’t feel fulfilled.

You may be praised by others as to how appreciative “they” are of your contributions… at least you made “them” happy.. but you sure don’t feel fulfilled. You may not feel happy.

Ever ask yourself why you work so hard to make others feel good, only to go home and not feel fulfilled yourself?

What did you do to yourself that was so bad that you don’t want to take care of yourself … Your Internal self?

Now, you may look good, and the bare essentials are taken care of… food, clothing, some sleep, well kept appearance, etc… but isn’t it mind blowing you don’t include your Internal self as essentials?  Your Internal Passions?  How do you fix that?Continue reading

Blog 003 – Do You Feel You Are Not Even Close To Your Potential, Based On Your Past Results? If You Do, Do You Know Why? Let’s Find Out!


Have you ever asked yourself why something you were in charge of just didn’t get done the way it needed to? Did you wonder what went wrong? Did you wonder if others were thinking “you don’t have what it takes to get the job done”?

We have all been in those situation to one degree or another. Sometimes these questions weigh on us so heavily we can’t sleep. Sometimes it’s on our mind so much we can’t focus on the next task or project we have to do. It’s during these times we have that feeling that we are not good enough.

We begin to review what we did to try to get the best chance at delivering the results expected of us. We worked hard, we delegated to our team, told the team what to do, and started working on it immediately. We saw some of our team not working as hard as we liked, and others who were not doing things the right way. We had to jump in and correct things when our team wasn’t doing it correctly. We also had to answer questions our team had, even though we already said it at the start. Other questions should not have been asked because it’s just common sense to know.

It’s at this point in time when we are trying to figure out what went wrong. Who cause the problem. If you think it’s others that caused the problem, you are missing a great opportunity to analyze why you are not reaching your potential. Read the following quotes and see if it’s time for you to analyze why you are not reaching your potential.Continue reading

Blog 002 – Imagine If You Could Just Close Your Eyes … And See What Your Potential Really Is

Imagine If You Could Just Close Your Eyes…. And See What Your Potential Really Is

In the first Blog, the goal was to show the effects of a Change In Reality. For me, that was the catalyst of a journey of wanting to do better, to give better, to get a better result not only for me, but for my team. A journey that resulted in an amazing system to make managing simple, cause it is something that definitely is not easy.

I have often thought, where would I be today if I had not had that Change in Reality? What if I had chosen a different path. What if I had never had the opportunity to work with Gerry? More likely than not, I think I would be 20 years older, and still looking at things the way I did 20 years ago.

I was lucky. I had my Change In Reality, but when you are in a position where you have to lead a team and manage a project to try and get the results you expect, you realize very quickly that not everyone has had their Change in Reality moment. There are many who’s expectations of what can be achieved, what results can be produced, are no where near what you believe.

Sometimes our greatest enemy, our greatest detractor, our greatest discourager is the person we see in the mirror every morning and every night… ourselves. We are the ones who tell ourselves “this is the way it is”, “this is the way it will always be”, “I’m not smart enough to do better”, “I can’t be that person who succeeds”, “I will fail, and everyone will notice”. We are the ones who get to have the first statement to us when we get up, and the last statement to us when we go to bed. When we are our own greatest enemy, detractor, and discourager, it’s so difficult to see what our potential really is. But what if? What if we had the opportunity to be our greatest supporter, our greatest defender, our greatest encourager? Sometimes we really don’t know our potential. We never got to experience a Change in Reality. And because we didn’t, we never got the opportunity to be our greatest supporter, our greatest defender, our greatest encourager.

If you can, please ask those who may interrupt you in the next 15 minutes to hold off for those 15 minutes. Make this next 15 minutes completely uninterruptible by anyone or anything (phone calls, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, anything). It’s roughly about the time you will need to finish up this blog. Everyone needs to see that there are potentials in their life far greater that they every thought possible. Our wish for you is that in the next 15 minutes you feel that you have so much more potential than you have ever thought.

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Blog 001 – It All Starts with a Change … In Reality!

Managing for Business and Entrepreneurs


Have you ever had an “OMG!!! I didn’t think you could do it that way” moment that was so impactful that it changed your reality? You know, that point in time where your realized everything you thought you knew about something was wrong. And it caught you completely by surprise?

Some call this an Aha! moment, some use other words that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. But it is definitely a moment. The funny thing is, when we have these moments, they can be so significant that it makes us really wonder “what else could I possibly be wrong about”.

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