Blog 008 – Check Your Expectations and Re-Negotiate


It’s the start of a new work week, and unless you are a Managing Made Simple Black Belt, you are probably not looking forward to the start of Monday morning. 

For those of you who have been following along in our blogs over the last couple months, we have been;

  • building the foundation of why we want to make our managing of things more simple and,
  • walking you through a couple of the fundamental principles that are paramount to successfully making the managing of your expectations more simple.  

We have shown you in Blog 001 that changing the way people do things is usually a result of a “Change in Reality”.  Dave Ramsey, a successful financial mentor to many, says people finally change when “they are sick and tired of being sick and tired”.

In Blog 002 we talked about closing your eyes and seeing what your potential reality can be.  The secret of changing things in your life to make it more simple is understanding that your biggest obstacle IS the person you see in the mirror every morning, but this person CAN BE your biggest champion.

In Blog 003 we showed you the secret of finding out ‘why’ you are not close to your potential, the three same question you have to ask yourself to get to the root of the reason.  You have to be accountable to yourself in ‘why’ you are doing things the way you are.

In Blog 004, Managing Made Simple’s 1st principle was explained.  A principle that explains the foundation of everything you do.  It’s not a principle based in theory, but a principle that is used everyday by those using the Managing Made Simple process.  Everything you do is for a reason. That reason is buried under the 3 questions in Blog 003.  Those buried reasons are the principles of your decisions.  So in Blog 004, we showed you how to test the principles you are basing your decisions to do (or not do) something.  It is your way that you, in the mirror every morning, can challenge your reasons for doing (or not doing) something.

Blog 005 was very important for us to share with you.  If you are waking up every morning, looking yourself in the mirror, and challenging yourself to do things that move you closer to your results, you need to make sure that you are ‘clear’ on what you are expecting to achieve.  You need to make sure your expectations that you are trying to meet are clear and tangible.  Communicating specifically what you want (an expectation), whether it is to someone else or yourself, is paramount.  Clarity is paramount. 

In Blog 006 we wanted to stress the importance of clarity at the start of your work day.  Expectations you need to meet are important, whether it is for you or someone else.  By  implementing steps daily to get clear on the expectations of or on you at work, you are building a habit that you will also begin to use at home on your personal expectations with that person you see in the mirror.  This habit is crucial to making your managing simple.  When you don’t have the passion to do something, you need to build a habit.

Blog 007 provided you a tool to help you get clarity on your morning at work, to be able to see that there is always too many expectations in the day vs. the amount of hours we have.  This tool showed you the three ways to get your daily expectations done with the time and resources you have.  As you continue to do this at work, you will build the habits you need to be able to work on your own expectations of you at home.  I want to thank everyone who direct emailed us through our Contact Us page with your thanks and additional ideas that could be incorporated into the tool template.

So where does that take us in Blog 008?  It’s a new work week.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get clarity on our expectations on us and of us.  This is where some tough love comes in.  Managing all the expectations in your life is not easy.  It never has been, and it never will be.  You need to ‘@Get In Control‘ of all of the expectations.  When you start the first work day of the week, remind yourself the importance of identifying all of the expectations on you this week.  Use the tool in Blog 007.  Print out one for every day.  Tell yourself that your time is like currency and that you need to maximize how far that currency goes.  No one will demand that process from you.  All everyone else wants is the result they expect from you.  Most are not concerned with how you do it.

So, print out the tool in Blog 007, list all the expectations of you for each of the days of the week, and if you have a number of expectations left at the end of the time you have to do them in, then use one or more of the three options listed in the tool to have the expectations done in the hours you have to do them in.

You have to be your own personal champion… your own personal motivator. 

No one is more dependant on your success that YOU. 

No one deserves it more than YOU. 

It’s time for YOU to stand up and INVEST IN YOU. 

Till We Meet Again Next Week…

Managing Made Simple


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