Blog 014 – Earn Respect From Your Team The Simple Way


Respect is one of those words that mean different things to different people. For some, respect is demanded immediately. For others, respect is earned after a period of time. The reasons for this wide range of views on respect is equally as vast. It could be due to the generation you grew up in, the ethnicity you were brought up in, the life experiences you have had or witnessed, the list goes on and on.

So, how do you earn respect from a team that could be very diverse in their views of who gets what type of respect?

If you had the luxury of building or picking your team, and you understood the type of character traits, skill set, knowledge, experience, and personalities you needed, you have an advantage over the majority of teams. This blog will be looking at a team that is very diverse and make earning respect a simple process. Remember, we here at Managing Made Simple establish simple processes for success…. because we know it isn’t easy to do.

So, back to the question…. how do you earn respect from a team that could be very diverse in their views?

You have to accept this simple fact….

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Blog 013 – The Importance of Recognizing Team Members That Don’t Want To Plan First


Have you ever been part of a team that has a project to do and some of your team members just want to start doing the work? Those are great people to have on a team. They push the team to get to the end of the project and produce the results. But, have you been on a team where some of these types of people are only interested in doing the work and not really interested in the team getting together and putting a plan in place to achieve the results as a cohesive team? Today’s topic is about understanding why it is so important to recognize these people before the team gets moving forward on a project.

If you relate to being on this type of team, we can only imagine the stories you could tell that describes the issues these type of people cause. Now, to be very honest about these type of people, the vast majority of them are good hard working people, they just seem to be wired to need to be doing steps to move them forward to getting to the results. Defining the steps that need to be done, ensuring that the entire team understands the steps, issues, potential problems that could be faced by the team, do not appear to be important to them.

What Teams Usually See With These People In The Team

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Blog 010 – Clarity in Each of Your Discussions


Whether you are a Manager, Team Leader, or a member of a Team, everyone needs to ensure there is clarity in the team.  This needs repeating, everyone needs to ensure there is clarity in the team.

Have you ever been part of a team where you find out later people on the team had different understandings of what needed to be done?  If you see young kids playing sports like hockey, soccer, baseball, and football, you can immediately tell who on the team has no idea what needs to be done, they are completely unclear of what is expected of them.  For teams at work, many times the misunderstandings and un-clarity are identified at the next meeting, after some of the next steps have been done, and that causes a whole other set of issues within the group.

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