Blog 007 – Morning Clarity – Let The Momentum Begin

Let The Momentum Begin


The last two blogs talked about Clarity.  We can’t stress “Clarity” enough.  Producing results to meet expectations are only as good as the clarity you have on your expectations.  It’s that simple!  Unfortunately, many of us look to the web to find the complex secret to producing better results.  There is no secret.  None.  Not even a little one.  Feel free to spend many of your evenings to see if one exists.  We don’t think you will do that because if you are reading this blog you already know how valuable your time is.  (read on and download our Morning Clarity Template)

So, back to morning clarity.  It’s not a luxury.  It’s a necessity.  If you want to simplify the managing of your expectations, then spend the first couple of minutes of your day to write them down to get complete clarity.  It’s not complex, nor is it a secret.  The one thing most people have to do is … make it a habit to do every day.  So for the first week, it’s going to feel uncomfortable, maybe even odd.  But make no mistake about it, when you do this you have complete clarity of your day’s expectations.  You can see how much time you want to spend on each expectation.  You can challenge yourself to see what opportunities you have to revise some of the steps or use different resources to lessen the time you need on your expectations.  You also have detailed rationale for re-negotiating of any of your expectations you are unable to meet today.

The Managing Made Simple makes your managing more simple.  We simplify it because we know managing ain’t easy.  The process to help you get clarity of your expectations for the day and incorporates many of the Managing Made Simple processes you will be introduced to later on.  Using this process will;

  • show you who has expectations of you for the day (your customers),
  • help you understand what is the actual expectation (when you have to define an amount of time to create a result that meets the expectation, it’s at that time you will usually ask yourself something like “what do they actually want me to provide to them?”  This is where the Managing Made Simple Business vs Personal Triangles are used),
  • forces you to examine if you have enough resources (especially time) to do the steps you think you need to do to provide the result to meet the expectation,
  • forces you to look at other potential steps to get your result produced (which in turn makes you to look at the risks and rewards of adding, subtracting, modifying steps in the process),
  • forces you to get a clear understanding of what resources you may have to negotiate to be able to use (and makes you spend time to ensure that the resources you need are available to you, and if they are not available when you need them you have to re-evaluate whether you can meet the expectation for the day)
  • defines your game plan for the day that you will refer back to throughout the day (allowing you to modify steps, resources, or re-negotiate expectations should your resource of time not be available because something else has come up in the day)
  • and so much more

Getting clarity to your day can make an amazing impact on your life.  In order to reduce the stress in your life, you need to get into control.  When you do this the Managing Made Simple way, you now are shown in black and white (or whatever color of pen you use) when you just don’t have the time to do it AND you have looked at changing the steps or resources to be able to do it.  This process SAVES YOU FROM OVER COMMITTING YOURSELF.  It helps you to JUSTIFY WHY YOU CANNOT MEET THE EXPECTATION.  In an environment where we are taught to not say “NO”, we now can say “we would love to, we could do it, but because of “X”, we cannot do it.  But if we are provided with “Y”, we would be able to do it.

With that, please click on the below link and enjoy the template.  And please, by all means, post your comments below.  This template can and will evolve with your input.  Our goal is to make Your managing simple. 

Managing Made Simple – Morning Clarity Template

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Till We Meet Again Next Week…

Managing Made Simple

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